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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vatileaks: the Pope's letters, Freemasonry, esotericism, the P2 Lodge, Calvi, Berlusconi, yoga, Buddhism

Vatican city - Hearing dedicated to the testimonies of police. In the "hundreds of thousands" the documents found at the home of Benedicxt XVI's former butler, only "one thousand" regarding the Pope and the Holy See. ''At the very beginning the Commander of the Gendarmerie (Police) Domenico Giani issued an order to protect Gabriel and his family, he has been treated with kid gloves", "in the best way possible." "Gabriele expressed his gratitude many times for the treatment received".

The documents number in the "hundreds of thousands", found at the home of Paolo Gabriele, Benedict XVI's ex-butler on trial for aggravated theft. Just "over a thousand" have to do with the Pope and the Holy See, the rest of the documents reveal at least a very acute interest in secrets and esotericism: papers relating to Freemasonry, esotericism, the P2 Lodge, P4, Luigi Bisignani, the Calvi case, Berlusconi, the IOR and the AIF (the Authority on the Vatican's financial information), the Vatileaks case, Christianity and yoga, Christianity and other religions, Buddhism, how to hide .jpg and Word files, how to record videos, how to use your mobile phone in covert mode."

Today, at the third hearing in the trial, which lasted around an hour and a quarter, four witnesses were heard, all called by the defense. They are the gendarmes Luca Cintia, Stefano De Santis, Silvano Carli and Luca Bassetti who testified on the searches and on the defendant's treatment in prison.

Concerning the letters found, the witnesses confirmed that many were originals and not photocopies, answering repeatedly the question asked by the presiding judge, Giuseppe Dalla Torre, if they had personally seen original documents during the search or later, after the seizure of 82 boxes of paper and computer materials. The documents seized number in the "hundreds of thousands", which filled 82 moving boxes (approximately 50 x 60 cm), two large yellow bags and two black leather bags. Among them, a thousand are papal documents, documents of the Secretariat of State, of the Vatican congregations and of the Pontifical Councils, on the "privacy and family life" of the Pope, "letters written by Cardinals to the Pope to make suggestions or ask for advice", "responses of the Pope to Cardinals", "documents with the Pope's signature", "encrypted documents", "documents bearing the words in German 'to destroy'". In short, "many more documents than those mentioned in the book" by Gianluigi Nuzzi, His Holiness.

As regards Gabriele's treatment, the gendarmes claimed that they used "kid gloves" both during the seizure and in his cell. Thus, during the search they invited the family to leave the house, so as to reduce as much as possible the discomfort to his children and his wife. The police Vice-Commissar, Luca Cintia, responsible for the custody of the accused, then wanted to make a statement in relation to the allegation of abuse made yesterday by Gabriele, even though the Chief Magistrate had reminded the court that the investigation into violations while in custody is the subject of other proceedings, aimed at verifying what happened but also any false declarations. Dalla Torre also pointed out that the records, already deposited, show that Gabriel has recevied all sorts of assurances, such as: family visits, medical and spiritual assistance. ''At the very beginning", Cintia said, for his part, "the Commander of the Gendarmerie (Police) Domenico Giani issued an order to protect Gabriel and his family; he has been treated with kid gloves", "in the best way possible." "Gabriele expressed his gratitude many times for the treatment received".

The trial is due to conclude next Saturday. It will start with the indictment by the Promoter of Justice (Prosecutor) Nicola Picardi, then it will be the defense's turn to speak, with the attorney Cristiana Arru. After any rebuttals by the prosecution and the defense, the accused will be allowed to speak. The ruling could arrive the same day.

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