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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

‘Friendly meeting’ between Turkish soldiers and ISIS at border VIDEO

"Bu görüntüler Uluslararası Savaş Mahkemesi'ne götürülür"
WASHINGTON – The Pentagon says NATO-member Turkey will train “moderate” fighters to confront the ISIS jihadist forces in Iraq and Syria, but a new video showing Turkish soldiers in apparent solidarity with ISIS fighters affirms concerns that Ankara is playing both sides.

The video,  shows Turkish soldiers and ISIS fighters “bidding each other farewell.”

Turkish “support for ISIS gangs, which is constantly on the international agenda, has been documented once again.”

The close support for ISIS,  contrasts with the treatment of dozens of civilians from the besieged town of Kobane, on the Turkish-Syrian border, who have been made to wait for hours by Turkish border soldiers “and have lost their lives as a result.”


Under the title “Intimate meetings between Turkish soldiers and ISIS,” the video shows five ISIS members arriving at the border where citizens of Kobane have left their vehicles. 

The ISIS members “burn the property” of the Kobane citizens, before taking away anything useful in the cars and heading toward the village of Siftek, which is under their control.

Ttwo ISIS members then come to the border and talk to seven Turkish soldiers, who get out of an armored vehicle.

After about half an hour, they “say farewell to each other and leave the area.”

Meanwhile, the video in question is now circulating widely across social media:

  “These images could take you to the International Criminal Court”, news reports the questions raised by Turkey's pro-Kurdish group MP İdris Baluken for the prime minister to answer as follows:
  • Who are the soldiers that met with the ISIS gang members?
  • Who gave the instruction for the meeting and how was the connection established?
  • Is there a legal basis for a meeting to take place with armed ISIS gang members? Or will legal proceedings be started against the soldiers who met the ISIS gang members and those who gave the order?
  • There are suspicions that there was an exhange of information between the ISIS gang members and the soldiers regarding the coordination of attacks against Kobani and that plans were made during the meeting. Is there a central instruction regarding the subject?
  • Have there been any investigations against the soldiers who were involved in the mentioned meeting?
  • Based upon the images that have been revealed, how often do the mentioned meetings take place? Do you have information regarding the frequency of the meetings?
  • With regards to the subject that may bring Turkey to being put on trial at the International Criminal Court because of its relations with the ISIS organisation — which is regarded as a terrorist organisation throughout international public opinion — have there been any administrative, civil and judicial investigations carried out so far? Are there any military, civil or administrative personnel who have been dismissed within the scope of the investigations?



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